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Radio people often need to start talking before and after a song and they typically want to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Talkover is one of the software solutions that can help them, so they do not need to turn to additional hardware.
Straightforward GUI
The main window of Talkover is designed to be as neatly organized as possible, without any colorful distractions. You can set it to be displayed on top of all the other open windows so you can easily edit settings.
You can adjust the microphone level, depending on the action you are currently performing – if you want to talk, it makes sense to keep the volume up (you can set its maximum level, along with the FSpeed and FFactor).
Otherwise, it is best that you mute it and alter the music volume as you see fit.
Configure settings
When you want to personalize the parameters, you can start by specifying the type of sound card you are using. If you want to use one that relies on ASIO address, you also need to make sure the required driver is installed.
In terms of music fading, you can choose between taking no action, using Winamp directly, a Windows mixer or MediaArchive.
Adjust Windows audio settings
If you want to go one step further, you can modify the Windows audio settings and alter the buffer latency. You are advised to set it as low as possible until sound interference occurs, then use the level above it.
The noise cancellation can range between light, off or strongly.
To summarize, Talkover can come in handy if you want to ensure smooth moderation and transition from music to talking and backwards. You might initially need to spend some time to come up with the ideal configuration, yet no tinkering is required afterwards.







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✔ Simple yet powerful software, just put it on and it will automatically and seamlessly switch between music or other media and your voice.
✔ Continuously and automatically monitors the media you are playing and depending on your activity, you are able to mute your microphone using mouse clicks and a hotkey.
✔ Undisturbed media playback, no matter how loud you are talking, no sound bleed through.
✔ Buffer audio and audio quality optimizations.
✔ Use our configurator to personalize your settings quickly and easily.
✔ 5 Levels of noise cancellation, from Strong to Off, as you wish.
✔ Works on all OS and sound cards.
Key Features
✔ Automatically switches between your media and your voice, anytime, anyplace, without interrupting your music or other media
✔ Anywhere, anytime, no need to pre-change to the voice mode.
✔ Exclusively designed for Windows.
✔ Windows 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit), Vista sp1 and 98 (32 bit) only.
✔ Works on all OS and sound cards.
✔ Unobtrusive and does not interrupt your media or interfere with it at all.
✔ Allows an easy one-click transition to and from your voice with no
drift of voice or other media.
✔ Interacts seamlessly with all your media and files.
✔ 5 Levels of noise cancellation, from Strong to Off, as you wish.
✔ No need to configure your settings manually.
✔ Adjustable mic level, volume, fade time and FFactor.
✔ Capable of growing in the future.
✔ Easy to use, no need to tinker.
✔ User friendly and configurable.
✔ Built-in
✔ Continuous monitoring of the sound card
✔ Optimized audio rendering
✔ Efficient audio card power usage, no sound card interruptions.
✔ You can be alerted to your activity using a hotkey and mouse clicks.
✔ Call-for-help mic volume settings.
✔ Edit mic boost/fader to the desired level.
✔ Window hotkeys, mouse clicks and hotkey assignments.
✔ Command-line parameters.
✔ Runs hidden, since there’s no need to add to the system task list.
✔ Fast startup time, even on modern computers.
✔ Runs smoothly and does

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Revised on: January 26, 2009

TALKOVER is a personal sound reinforcement software application to put a microphone and Windows sound card to use. With this tool you can easily record sound, process it, edit it and play it back.
Program Description
The main window of Talkover looks like a normal Windows dialog box, with a simple list of buttons, plus three main areas:


In the Set-Up area, you need to decide what type of sound card you are using. The ideal setting is automatic, however this is not always possible as it requires installing a driver.
After you have selected a card type, you need to choose the appropriate settings, such as microphone level and other Windows audio settings.
The Configure area is designed to get you the best performance out of your hardware.
A typical configuration includes:

Temporarily set the volume to something above 100%, so you can hear what the audio is like in the studio.
Adjust Windows audio settings
Set input levels
Set the noise cancellation

Click on Windows Setup to modify the audio settings on your device.
You can manually set the input level, use the default that is automatically selected (0%), or select Winamp level or MediaArchive as described in the software description.
The Winamp level is best used to mix sound between programs, while you can use MediaArchive to add a volume knob.
Likewise, the noise cancellation can be set to light, off or strongly.
To save your configuration, click on Settings. You can keep or modify the record levels, noise cancellations and Windows audio settings.
Click OK to apply the changes.
When you are done, click on Play to begin testing. If you have a control panel open, you can choose to play the file in the mixer and click on Preview to review the file.
You can then click on Stop to play the sound back through the device. You can edit the file and play it through again to ensure everything is working properly.
If there is any problem, click on Help for further assistance.
Talkover Sample
To see how the software works, check out the video demo.

Talkover Production Music:


Click on the (yellow button in the bottom left corner of the screen and you will start the application. Click on the (purple button in the top right corner and you will quit.

Talkover Fader

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Publisher’s Description

Talkover Pro – audio recording software – is not only a record and playback software, but a complete solution which makes recording from a microphone or line in easy, no-brainer. It improves the way you record, and it is the most convenient way to transfer and edit your sound files. It is the ideal solution for professional audio engineers, radio DJs, singers, sound engineers or musicians. Talkover is the most efficient way to record, edit and save sound.

The first application of its kind, the remarkable aspects of Talkover are its simplicity, its very few settings and its easy operation. Thanks to the low latencies and powerful processing, your sound quality will be just as high as if you were recording directly into your microphone with a separate sound card.

Talkover simplifies the audio recording process by supporting line in and microphone, automatic level adjustment, automatic fade-in, automatic fade-out and even the capability to adjust the volume prior to and after the music in real time. After recording, you can switch seamlessly from the computer to a DAW such as Logic, Studio Artist, Cubase or EXS24.

Talkover is also the first audio software to use the new USB Audio Class 1.5 which will be the standard for all future digital audio interfaces.

With Talkover, you are more than a mere audio recorder. Your sound recordings are effectively transformed into custom MIDI songs that you can easily save as WAV-files.

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Full Specifications

What’s new in version 1.2

Interface enhancements:

Fixed audio recording volume, that could get distorted at high volume levels, is set correctly.

Configuration improvements:

The list of audio configurations has been rewritten for a better usability.

Third-party vendors have developed some great Web pages where you can get third-party software. You can find the next Web page:www.talkover.net/links

This means that if you are searching for a music app that lets you control your phone with music, using the screen, you should

What’s New in the Talkover?

Organize your Windows desktop or work area just like you want it, with no colorful distractions. Only the icons that are most important are displayed. You can use it to view your desktop, but the program also offers control over the Windows desktop.
Drag & drop files to the program icon or use its Explorer-like Windows file manager. You can move files to your computer’s storage devices or anywhere else on your network.
To enable you to see, click the icons just as you normally would, right-click on them, select icons from the context menu, copy and paste them, or drag-and-drop them to other programs.
Hide or show all icons in Windows Explorer, create a desktop shortcut, or personalize your taskbar or lock screen. The program can also show you the icons that you’ve hidden (if enabled).
The program provides access to your Windows files in various ways. You can drag-and-drop files and folders to the File Manager window, and you can drag-and-drop files to the desktop. You can use the icon view, which displays all files on your computer in a single list.
In the Quick Launch section, you can select which Quick Launch bar to use. You can use a standard one or choose from multiple categories that are listed by function: to-do, e-mail, internet, other, files, system, image, music, video, and help.
Although a simplified view of the contents of the Windows Explorer window, the Quick Launch section lists icons for all files in the Windows Explorer window. You can use the ‘Quick Launch’ context menu (in the top Windows panel) to access all the icons in the program.
You can move files by simply dragging and dropping them or by using the ‘Move to’ context menu. You can move files to the Recycle Bin by clicking it. You can also send files to other places using the ‘Send to’ context menu.
You can customize the File Manager window with the quick and easy ‘Drag & Drop’ tool. You can drag-and-drop files to the File Manager window just like in Windows Explorer.
You can filter and sort files, and you can search for items. You can create multiple view options.
There are lots of other useful tools for file management. You can sort files by type, size, date, and file permissions. You can also group files or folders. You can also print the list or make a ZIP archive of your files.

System Requirements:

Can you believe it? For the second year running, our preferred target platform is Windows 7 or higher. Why is that? If you are still running XP, it is probably because you are not yet ready to upgrade your operating system. You can get a free upgrade, Windows 8, from Windows 7 Pro or Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) –or– Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Ultimate (64-bit) from Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit) or Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit). To learn



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