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Easy Calendar is a free electronic calendar program that is designed to make your task easy. Just click a date on the calendar and type. Into the text field and click print. Easy Calendar allows you to display up to 20 years of data, allowing you to view any day of any year. Easy Calendar allows you to print or e-mail the calendars.
Easy Calendar Download:
Once you have downloaded this application you can have this calendar on your computer or it can be printed for you. Just click on the blue menu bar at the top of the calendar screen and choose which way you want to print the calendar.
Easy Calendar Review:
It can print calendar lists, calendar reminders and birthday reminders. It includes a task list and can also be used to do PIM (personal information manager) tasks such as calculating appointments, tasks, to do lists, and contacts. I like that you can add notes to appointments.
Easy Calendar is a totally free program and can be downloaded for use on a personal computer.
Easy Calendar Contact:
EasyCalendar website.



Easy Date Selector is an easy date selector for all your date needs, such as setting dates for business meetings or dates for when your wedding anniversary is, and much more. Its easy to set dates for all your personal or professional needs.
Easy Date Selector Features
Select dates with ease.
Easy to use and free.
Customize your dates, multiple dates per cell.
Set repeating events, such as holidays.
Calculate dates, create events and reminders.
Easy access to calendar, tasks and to-do lists.
Calendar and tasks can be viewed and printed on screen or emailed.
Create and save different calendar views.
Set alarms to remind you of important dates.
Safari compatible.
Easy Date Selector Download:
To download Easy Date Selector, you will need to first purchase an upgrade to a premium membership which will unlock all the features.
The update is free, and it’s easy to do. Just sign up and download the update from this page:
Easy Date Selector Upgrades – Premium Membership
Easy Date Selector User Guide
Easy Date Selector Help
Easy Date Selector Help
Easy Date Selector Reviews 70238732e0

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This function calculates the keyed MAC, generated using the SHA-2 family of hash functions, including SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512, and with a HMAC output key. The HMAC algorithm is specified in the RFC 2104.

HyperDoctor is a tool which scans your system for any malicious activity, such as rootkits, backdoors, Trojans and adware. It displays an analysis of the security of your PC, such as Malware, network ports, user logins, processes, RAT and password hashes. It is able to detect and remove many types of malicious software and can monitor network connections, block network traffic, and prevent malicious processes from starting.
HyperDoctor has a built in Anti-Virus program, which can be activated to scan for viruses.
HyperDoctor can also remove malware, rootkits and backdoors from your system using advanced tools such as the Universal Malware Removal Tool (UMRT), the MSE Emulator, the MalwareBytes cleanup tool and a popular method known as process cleaning.

Protect Your PC from Scrapes and Spying

Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware

Block Invisible Programs

Block Spying Software

Quick Guide to Scrapes

Malicious or Spyware programs can spy on your internet activity, collect personal information, and steal sensitive data from your computer. Scrapes are the single most common cause of computer infection.
Here is how they work:

Your computer contacts a malicious or spyware program on a network, such as the Internet.

The program saves your personal information, such as your keystrokes, and downloads new programs to your computer.

The programs hide themselves on your computer, making them very hard to detect.

They can also hide in a simple background program, which allows them to quietly perform their malicious functions.

Most users are not aware of the presence of spyware or scrapes, and cannot detect them.

Most spyware and scrapes remain completely undetected until the user is infected.

Once the computer is infected, you are at the mercy of the program, and may not be able to remove it, or even recognize its presence.


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