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A useful utility that may assist you in obtaining MAC addresses from a PC or its USB sticks. It does so by allowing you to input a plain text input such as a fingerprint or even a random string, to obtain the address corresponding to it.
The program includes 4 primary functions, to each corresponding an individual tab, namely ‘Lookup’, ‘MAC’, ‘Share’ and ‘All’.
Also, it lets you easily change your laptop’s MAC address, even though you can also ‘Add’ a new one. It is also possible to modify this feature so it will reset it upon a restart.
Useful for programmers
You can obtain MAC addresses of USB sticks, allowing you to associate them with a particular file. This is especially important in the software development field. For instance, if you send your development files to a customer, they will know whether they are compatible with their computer system.
Generating MD5 hashes for files
Once you are done with MAC address generation, you may find it convenient to ‘Generate MAC from hash’, in order to obtain the hash of a selected file. This is useful mainly to compare and verify files (so you don’t send them with an incorrect signature).
MD2, MD4 or MD5 hashes can be obtained from the selected file, depending on your choice.
Hexadecimal and binary hashes
You may also obtain hashes in binary or hexadecimal. In both cases, you can verify the hash against a different file to obtain an exact match. If you are using MACRO, you can then copy the code to a clipboard.
One more interesting function is to perform MAC address updates. So if you want to modify a USB stick, you only need to specify a new one, as well as a plain text input or a fingerprint to obtain the new MAC.
MAKE&BIN Description:
MAKE&BIN is a handy and efficient program designed to assist you in creating multiple file folders that are extremely easy to navigate. It offers two ‘Useful’ functions, to each corresponding an individual tab, namely ‘Folder’ and ‘Tools’.
The software lets you easily split your folders into groups (‘Create groups’) and drag and drop files from one to another. A new ‘Folder’ or ‘Group’ is then created (or updated, if the 384a16bd22

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If you think that the AV industry is full of false advertising, here’s a case that proves you wrong.
Keymacro is a genuine and proven solution that’s meant to improve your computer’s security in a wide variety of ways. If you’re interested in finding out more about Keymacro, continue reading for our complete review.
Keymacro – main points
1. Free One-Month Trial
Keymacro gives you the chance to run the software for free for one month before deciding whether to purchase the full version.
2. Dual-Mode Protection
The software is offered in three modes: protection, scan, and stealth.
Protection Mode:
This mode helps you to detect potentially malicious websites and its cookies and similar elements. It has a reputation of being effective and fast, and works in tandem with the background detection.
Scan Mode:
When you run the program in this mode, it does exactly what it says on the tin: it helps you to scan for potentially harmful content on websites, downloads, instant messages and other places where the software could be installed on your computer.
Stealth Mode:
Stealth mode is the mode you’re probably used to and expected from an AV product: it keeps you out of harm’s way. It essentially acts as a firewall and prevents you from accessing potentially malicious sites.
3. Automatic Updates
The software comes with automatic updates, and a notification window will alert you whenever a new version is available.
4. System Requirements
Keymacro needs the following in order to run:
Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
CPU: Core 2 Duo (2.13GHz) or higher
Disk Space: 10 MB free disk space
How does Keymacro work?
Keymacro’s detection engine can search for several different types of files and other elements. The whole software is designed to be lightweight and work in tandem with the registry, making it less likely to slow your computer down.
Keymacro can be installed on a single computer or networked over a network.
The program uses a sandbox to help prevent possible malicious attacks.
Who is Keymacro for?
If you’re looking for a bit of extra security to protect your computer and data, then Keymacro is definitely the product for you.
Keymacro does take time to get used to, but it’s really a good option for computer security.
5. Download Link
To get the Keymac


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