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I’m not sure if anyone else is doing this, but I’ve been reading quite a bit of reviews and I’m thinking about buying The Best of Nerds 2 on the Saturday before Black Friday. This is a 40-minute movie (or maybe just a commercial for the movie) and it should cost $30ish, which is cheaper than blu-ray, but still, not really that bad. Plus, that way I can spend the rest of my money on another movie.

Yeah, I’ve actually seen a lot of Nerds movies recently and they’re generally pretty decent. My big problem with them is the laugh tracks in the background. The old school guys are all just repulsive.

I second the vote for the “Before I Met You” book. I love the Nerds movies, but I still have a copy of the book. It’s a great look at a nerdy guy’s life before he got nerdy.The perceived location of a sound alters the cortical processing of the human auditory system.
Humans are seemingly able to alter their perception of the location of a sound. This phenomenon, known as metamodal priming, refers to the facilitation in performance of a task as a result of performing an incompatible task in the same domain. The neural bases of metamodal priming have been debated, but the results reported to date have suggested that increased access to overlapping areas of the visuo-motor system as a result of performing an incompatible task is one potential neural mechanism. Here, we examine the neural basis of a metamodal phenomenon, in which the neural processing of a sound is altered based on its perceived location. Magnetoencephalography was recorded from healthy participants as they performed an auditory object identification task in which they were either required to attend to the location of the sound (local task) or to the identity of the sound (global task). We found that attending to the location of the sound resulted in reduced activity in auditory and motor areas during the task, whereas attending to the identity of the sound resulted in increased activity in auditory and motor areas. We conclude that the neural mechanisms involved in metamodal priming modulate neural processes not only in the modality of the stimulus being



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