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Microsoft now has its own selection of premium (budget-only) web-based document-editing tools: OneNote Online, PowerPoint Online, and Office Online. These tools have been built with the help of editors from the Yahoo, Google, and Autodesk editing communities, so they’re designed to be painless for non-designers—and powerful, easy enough to use on the go. Advertisement

All Digital Creations 2020 apps are currently available free of charge (on Apple devices). After I reviewed Apple’s new full-featured desktop video suite, Final Cut Pro X, in September, I thought I was finally done with reviews. But then Apple unveiled all of its innovative video tools for mobile devices as macOS Mojave at the end of October. I went on a deep dive.

I am a big fan of touchscreen video editing software for mobile devices. There’s no need for a mouse with a small touch screen, so a magnifying glass or whiteboard tool is useless. The only thing I miss from the desktop with touch is the zoom tool (ctrl+plus and minus).

Productivity features, like Libraries are the key to creating useful tools for beginners. Copying, pasting, and storing projects as Cloud Documents (while offline) allows you to work in the app without an internet connection, which is key for anyone who works with amateur photos. It works through iCloud’s Wi-Fi or your own Wi-Fi network, and it works for a while. My last attempt to upload a portion of a Photoshop project on the phone resulted in a message that showed the full iCloud storage plan (through iCloud Drive) as $2,500. By this time I had seen my plan’s $99.99-per-month quota.

At the time of writing this, Photoshop CC 2017 offers 4 different ways in which you can apply the effect. You can choose to “Apply for Selected Areas” which enables you to choose which area of the image you want to apply the effect to. Then watermark will apply to the area you chose. The second way is when you want to apply the effect to the entire image. The third way is when you want to apply entire image as a background. Last but not least either you can apply the effect to selected areas or to entire image, and then convert the image to black and white or grayscale. You can also apply the effect to selected areas and remove the selected areas as well.

The most basic piece of business functionality you need for a gallery is the ability to show your works in an attractive, orderly way. An image list is one way to use Photoshop to do that. It provides a visual representation of an archive of images that lets you navigate from image to image very easily.

All of the elements in your Photoshop file are contained in the layers palette. The layers palette is the default place for all of the most important design elements you’re likely to need during most of your image editing and retouching tasks.

The new user interface has introduced a new kind of adjustment layer, the Gradient Map Adjustment Layer, which allows you to accomplish a wide range of otherwise difficult-to-achieve tasks with a few simple steps. Once you’ve created the gradient fill, you can move it anywhere in the image using the Move tool and then resize, rotate, cut, copy, or change fill color. You can even apply it to any layer!


The Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the platform all photographers are looking for. The program is totally free and comes with the full suite of photo design and editing features you would expect to find in an easy-to-use program. The program’s suite of features is a mix of professional tools—configurations, tools, and feature sets—along with a less-expenses interface than the commercial version.

The most recent version of Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software in all of photography. It’s no wonder, because it has all the features and refinements of the most expensive photo editing application on the market while remaining 100% free. It’s the perfect software for beginners and professionals alike. It’s also the only photo editing software to include all of Lightroom’s features plus all of the pro-level features.

The original Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing tools. Photoshop has a long history of ups and downs, having gone through several revisions and a 3D version, all of which have been discontinued. With the release of Photoshop 2020 program and extendable plug-ins, it has introduced some new and useful features to user.

Adobe Photoshop offers you several types of editing tools that can be used daily. Even when Photoshop’s features move away from the core types to the adjustment/creative suite, they will still be used for specific tasks.

There are many Adobe Photoshop CS6 features that haven’t been implemented in Photoshop CC. Many of these specific features are currently unavailable but are expected to be implemented in future Photoshop CC versions, such as:

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On the left side of Photoshop, the Mixer panel is used to blend layers together. The Mixer panel lets you blend individual layers, move, rotate, and invert layers, and create masks to control the depth of the image. You can add color, FX, and organization tools to layers. You can also remove the top and bottom layers. In the Preserve Layers menu, you can turn on and off layers, hiding layers, and locking layers. You can alternate between working on normal or flattened canvas; you can change the color of the background; reset the canvas; and choose multiple layers.

Briefcase provides an integrated image-management interface for albums and thumbnails. You can drag and drop images directly from the Desktop to Albums, JPEGs and more. This also lets you store multiple versions of the same image in different folders, and automatically create good names for all of them.

Generate beautiful titles and titles for files automatically. Photoshop Elements 2023 makes it easy to create beautiful titles by organizing and applying titles and attributes to photos and graphics.

Easily change the look, size, coloring in and more of your pictures or illustrations. Edit layers of different size and opacity independently. Keep your original file open and working in Elements as you do so.

Have fun playing with interactive elements like Smudge & Color tools, Curves, Gradient Map and others! You don’t need to learn any complex new techniques to create great compositions. Unleash your creativity and make changes using easy photo editing tools.

There is a new tool of “filter gallery” that offers you the ability to remember the most important filters for your daily needs. You’re able to sort your filters by name. New filters are always being added by the team of Adobe with the various updates. With just a single click, you can move the active filters to a new slot and apply a different one.

The version number of latest Photoshop CC 2019 is CS9. The major features of the new Photoshop CC 2019 include:

  1. Rasterizer® next-generation expert image editor.
  2. Real-time editing and preview.®
  3. Crop & rotate tool
  4. Marble tool
  5. Content-aware fill, clone, healing brush, and clone stamp
  6. real-time object tracking and clone stamping
  7. Free transform, warp, and edit paths
  8. Automatic corrections and non-destructive corrections
  9. Photoshop CC 2019 update 15 beta is the latest version available
  10. Photograph change lever
  11. Non-destructive blur
  12. Arrowheads
  13. Miscellaneous smaller changes
  1. Real-time editing and preview
  2. Crop & rotate tool
  3. Marble tool
  4. Content-aware fill, clone, healing brush, and clone stamp
  5. real-time object tracking and clone stamping
  6. Free transform, warp, and edit paths
  7. Automatic corrections and non-destructive corrections
  8. Photoshop CC 2019 update 15 beta is the latest version available
  9. Photograph change lever
  10. Non-destructive blur
  11. Arrowheads
  12. Miscellaneous smaller changes


In my previous post, I mentioned that the new features for Photoshop aren’t as prominent as they were in 2019. But those who are looking for the most recent updates should still have a reason to upgrade.

Since it launched in late 2012, Photoshop Lightroom – PRIMARY COLLECTION has continued to be a top seller in digital photography. This agile new release offers some exciting new features such as easier file organization, built-in automation, and import/export of RAW images in DNG format.
While Lightroom is already an immensely popular application, the new release is fundamentally completely new in form. We’ve implemented a simpler user interface, making workflow fun and simple. Through the Lens Blur feature we introduce a new approach to blur the background. The Lens Blur feature provides more intuitive control of how blurs are applied and can be used to “reconstruct” the original image, using advanced automatic and manual tools. We’ve also improved the Import and Export of RAW Lightroom Libraries, allowing you to work with larger RAW libraries. We’ve even added a new Option to adjust the color of the nameplate on exported collections. Finally you can now import, edit, and export Crop Keyframes. All this is included in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3!

Like the new file organization you can now select the items in the list view to create folders. To do this just use the arrow keys or the scrollbar to move the cursor over the items in a list. Once you’ve selected one of those items you can use the arrow keys or scrollbar to move the cursor down and click to create a folder. You’ll see the new create folder dialog box appear.

The new interface is improved, but the ability to customize it still lags. Many important app functions, including the ability to customize the settings, are buried deep, and one-click access can be tricky to find. You’ll find the menus and the customizable display options only after some digging.

The rest of this review will analyze the interface, the editor and choose between the app and its Elements stablemate. It’s app that’s designed to look at the scene and select the right as opposed to simply changing it with the mouse. It’s easy to move and edit objects, clean up other editing areas, and even provide metadata about an object.

It’s disconcerting that Photoshop for Mac lacks the advanced capabilities of the PC version, which is arguably the most versatile image editing application in the world. (Or, as Linus Torvalds would put it, we have a “bullshit” application.)

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac also allows you to use a Mac mouse with the program. While the mouse enables you to dive deeper into the app’s functions, it seems to make working with the interface more difficult rather than easy. Nevertheless, it’s present, and it’s a welcome addition beyond the trackpad, touchpad and keyboard.

At first glance, the interface of Photoshop Elements for Mac looks the same as that of Elements on a Windows machine, which is no surprise, given that they’re both produced by the same company. But as explained in a press release, “the Mac platform brings forward the interface and the user experience that less technical users want.”


We never expand the limits in our creative fields, and Photoshop is not an exception. We can fine-tune many of its default settings to suit our specific workflows. In this part, we are going to explore these options.

For those who don’t want to begin their spell-checking journeys with having to close the document and reopen it to be able to use the spell checker, we present a comprehensive guide that will make the spell checker the default by default. This will enable the spell checker every time you open a document in Photoshop.

Adobe has updated the Smart Object feature in Photoshop CC to enable storage of content in the file in the form of smart objects. If you’re working with a series of documents that you want to recombine together, make edits to, and save again, this new feature will let you do so with a single click. To set up smart objects, open Photoshop > Image > New and click Smart Object from the presets section.

Photoshop CC 2019 users can now also access Adobe Stock images in the Originals library directly from within the app. You can even automatically convert your selections in stock photos to layers using Automatic Stock Risky: fill in the area of the image that you select and Photoshop processes the image to choose the best match to your fill in the area of the image that you select and Photoshop processes the image to choose the best match to your fill in the area of the image that you select and your final image.

To replace a photo of a someone or something that you have in your library to someone or something that you have added, you can now simply drag and drop their portrait into your image. If it gets corrupted, you can quickly replace the image to get back to where you were.

In Photoshop Elements, you can edit, crop, rotate, adjust color, add text, do history and playback video directly on an image. In Elements, you can also crop, rotate, adjust color, add text, and select from nine different effects. All of that functionality is rolled into a simple interface, which leaves more room to adjust contrast, brightness, or other visual effects. Advanced Elements features like cropping, resizing, and reformatting are at your disposal.

Elements’ new features, like the ability to adjust image colors, textures and grayscale tones, include also the ability to use the toolbars at the top of the image grid to choose from a plethora of effects. New tools, like the Adjust Lighting and Adjust Noise, add noise reduction and image adjustments directly to your image.

In addition to a revamped editing interface, Elements 2023 brings brand new features like the new Scanner+ and Face tools. In Photoshop and Elements, the Scanner+ tool generates a digital (scanned) copy of a physical image. To avoid fuzzy bits, Elements scans at a resolution of up to 7,680×4,320 pixels; Photoshop scans at 8,192×4,832 pixels. The Scanner+ tool allows you to adjust the Sharpness, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, and Color.

The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud page hosts a variety of content for, as well as informing you of all planned new features. Theavailable content ranges from demos, training courses, and Photoshop projects and accessories, all of which you can try out for free. The early access program, which allows registered users to preview features as they are being developed, is a great feature that allows early feedback on Photoshop.

Live previews— Get real-time feedback on your art, photos, and videos before you save them. You can see and comment on all the elements in every destination you choose, saving you time, providing instant feedback, and giving you the confidence you need to use and get feedback from the work you share in real time.

The Live Preview feature works in all native ActiveDocument.com share choices — including Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud for Libraries, Creative Cloud for Desktop, Adobephotoshop.com, Typekit (select Typekit fonts), Scratch (livesignage.com), and shared sites.

Locking down layers—Easily lock the visibility of individual layers in your document for an organized workspace. When you need to edit your whole document, every layer is visible and unaffected.

Real time adjustments—Each adjustment made is brought into the image instantly. Never lose the levels and other manual adjustments made—they stay with the image and roll with it while you continue to work. These effects remain intact even if you change the document resolution or imaging characteristics (e.g.

With a powerful user interface, robust feature set, and a large community of users, Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software on the planet. It’s absolutely impossible to cover the awesome features of Adobe Photoshop in a single article, but this article will give you a great overview of the top features in Photoshop: Composition, masks, filters, layers, and more.

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