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Solid Edge St7 Maintenance Pack

Solid Edge St7 Maintenance Pack


Solid Edge St7 Maintenance Pack

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Get items from list with condition at same time

I have two lists that both have around 100.000 items:


I need to find a way to get all items from the first list where one of the items in the list2 equals an item in the list1:

return John from list1 and Jim from list2

if (list2.Contains(list1[0]) && list2.Contains(list1[1]) && list2.Contains(list1[2]))
return “Result”;
else return “Exit”;

Any better way to get this done?


You could use LINQ:
var result = list1.Where(item => list2.Any(list2Item => list2Item == item));

(results are not tested)


Try this:
var result = list1.Where(l => list2.Any(l2 => l2 == l));

If the list2 can contain the items from the list1, it will filter them out.

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