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History [ edit ]

AutoCAD, the fastest-growing product in the history of the industry, entered production in June of 1986. AutoCAD 1.0 was released in November of the same year, adding functions to help the user draw and edit 2D drawings on a computer. Many of the early adopters of the product were mechanical drafters in the auto parts industry. This new way of drawing enabled them to work on a variety of mechanical drawings such as drawings of vehicles, engines, and automobile parts as well as their own particular designs.

In 1987, AutoCAD 2.0 was released to the market, introducing AutoCAD LT, a less expensive version of the program. However, the early adopters of the software were most likely to be mechanical drafters in the auto parts industry. At this time, AutoCAD was called AutoCAD Drafting, because it did not include the features that other companies were adding to their CAD programs. CAD software was usually one-time-use programs, with only one owner. In 1988, AutoCAD 2.1 was released, with the addition of other functions, such as modelling and dimensioning tools. With the release of AutoCAD 2.1, users could now create a prototype of their drawings before committing to the final product. This became the main differentiator for Autodesk from other vendors of CAD programs at the time. Many of the early adopters of the product were automotive CAD drafters in the automotive industry, who were looking to create a prototype drawing on the computer before committing to the actual drawing for printing and manufacturing. AutoCAD was gaining a reputation as a program for CAD drafters in the automotive industry.

In 1989, the first CAD software for the Macintosh platform was released as DraftSight. It was later acquired by Autodesk and rebranded as AutoCAD and was the first CAD software released for a Mac OS. This was the beginning of the Mac-only CAD market. DraftSight was a good system, but its functionality could not compete with AutoCAD for the mechanical CAD market.

When CAD drafters in the aerospace industry used AutoCAD to create drawings, AutoCAD now gained a reputation as a software solution for this group. They were using CAD drawings in a different industry and they needed to make sure that their drawings were accurate. AutoCAD was now able to provide these users with a new level of accuracy and detail with their drawings.

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The Autodesk Exchange Apps programming platform, which is part of the Autodesk Exchange Open API, is a source code collection with developer tools and Autodesk Exchange App SDK to create autoCAD and AutoCAD LT apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

Data exchange
A directory of tables is provided for Excel, CSV, and other data exchange.

Autodesk offers a cloud-based portal, Autodesk Exchange, that allows access to applications, data and cloud-based services via web, iOS, Android and Windows apps. The Autodesk Exchange desktop applications are built on AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD Architecture and provide access to Autodesk’s suite of products and cloud-based data and services. Autodesk Exchange for iOS and Android tablets and phones is available from the app store.

Autodesk Exchange Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
Autodesk Exchange Online Services

Cloud-based 3D drawing services

Autodesk Exchange Apps


External links

Autodesk Exchange Online App Store

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Querying MySQL with Javascript

I am trying to query my MySQL database with a Javascript AJAX call.
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There is a PHP script that takes this info, queries the database, and sends an email with the values.
What I need is to find a way to do this all in one HTML page. It would be ideal to not have to modify the PHP script.
Is there any way to query a MySQL database with Javascript? I would assume this would be easier with jQuery.
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AutoCAD 20.0

Select **File –> Options –> User Preferences –> Windows –> Addins –> Interface**.
Make sure **Enable Designer extensions** is checked.
Click **OK**.

Autodesk Go | A multi-user CAD/CAM desktop solution that gives users access to Autodesk products on their Windows desktop. Autodesk Go is available in two editions, Autodesk Go Express (free) and Autodesk Go Pro (for those with a small business or limited users). | More information

Autodesk Fusion 360 | A collaborative cloud-based application for building and publishing 3D models and immersive websites. Use the intuitive tools and methods of Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor and then share designs on the web with friends and colleagues. | More information

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture | The Autodesk Building Designer is a web-based, cloud-based solution for the rapid creation and editing of building plans. | More information

Autodesk Inventor | The Autodesk Building Designer is a web-based, cloud-based solution for the rapid creation and editing of building plans. | More information

Autodesk 3ds Max | A powerful 3D modeling tool that lets you create and work on a variety of 3D models. | More information

Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 | A powerful 3D modeling tool that lets you create and work on a variety of 3D models. 3ds Max 2017 includes Autodesk ReCap, Autodesk MDT, Autodesk RealSense, Autodesk MotionBuilder, and Autodesk Nuke. | More information

Autodesk Maya | A robust, high-end 3D animation and visual effects tool that lets you create, animate, and render images and videos. Maya is compatible with high-end graphics cards and is available as part of Autodesk STUDIO | More information

Autodesk Revit | A powerful 2D and 3D modeler, used to design and document buildings and other structures. Revit is available as part of Autodesk STUDIO | More information

Autodesk Meshmixer | A powerful tool for creating and modifying textured and reflective meshes. Meshmixer is available in Autodesk STUDIO | More information

Autodesk MotionBuilder | The Autodesk MotionBuilder is a tool for creating and editing motion-based scenes in Autodesk Digital Publishing Suite

What’s New In?

Markups were among the most requested new features in the last survey. We’re excited to give you more power to collaborate and improve your designs with the new markup and markup assist features.

This powerful new technology is designed to streamline your workflow and make changes in one place so you don’t have to open and close your drawing multiple times. When you see an error, look up a better way to draw it. The Draw Together sidebar enables you to import marked-up objects or help you “draw together” faster. You can also access the markup assist window directly from any command and view more options while you’re drawing.

Expert Advice in the Help:

Create advanced drawing templates.

Do you have a favorite way to draw or a trick for an unexpected design challenge? Now you can create and share templates to get more creativity into your designs and build a broader toolkit of design templates.

Create your own drawing templates from the command line or with a web app.

The command-line templatemaker is now available through the Help menu. We’re also making templates even easier to access from the app, with a new QuickTemplates tab. Now you can quickly add, edit and access drawing templates from within your AutoCAD app.

Navigate to the Help menu, select Support, and choose “Create or Edit a Drawing Template” from the navigation bar. Click “Create New” to open a new drawing template from the template wizard. Click “Open” to open a drawing template from a file or folder, or click “Edit” to open an existing drawing template. You can create templates from a drawing or model and apply a template to any drawing. You can also make changes to the drawing template or copy existing templates.

There are new enhancements to the help system:

Automatic theme loading for all CAD drawings.

Now you don’t have to wait for the help to load before you can see help content. CAD drawings are now automatically themed and ready to go when you start the help.

When you launch help or open a drawing, AutoCAD now also loads the latest Help for that drawing.

The new help system makes it easier to access help content for your current drawing by displaying the help with a related topic, command, or workspace from which it’s opened


System Requirements:

Rendering Mode (Requires DirectX 11 or better): DirectX 11
Recommended Specifications:
Platforms: Windows XP or newer
Windows XP or newer Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 or better
Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 or better Memory: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1 GB RAM
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