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SecureNotes is a cross platform tool that allows you to create secure notes. It allows you to create, edit, view, backup, print and attach files and templates to your notes.
* Ease of use
* Awesome formatting options
* Attach multiple files or templates
* Many templates
* Secure notes database
* Backup
* Export notes and items
* Printing notes
System requirements:
* Windows OS
* 2 GB RAM
* 2 GB HD space
* Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Source code: github.com

We are developing an attractive business application that is a note taking application like Evernote ( It is an efficient way to record your ideas, notes, resources, files, source code, etc. The application is built on top of Microsoft’s multi-platform technology which includes Windows, Web, iOS, Android and HTML5.
The application includes multiple ways to record your notes: you can choose from many customizable templates or you can create your own notes. It will allow you to attach files and other items that are created in your application.
The application will have the following features:
* Multiple notes
* Multiple notes can be stored in multiple categories and folders.
* Notes can be searched
* Notes can be shared
* Notes can be exported to other devices (it supports multiple platforms, i.e. Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5).
* Notes can be printed.
* Notes can be used offline.
We are seeking experienced developers and designers who are interested in the project and can handle the challenging tasks.
The project has significant amount of investment and so we are seeking developers who can undertake the project and complete the task within the deadline.
Please send your email samples that will help us evaluate your technical skills.

Create beautiful PNG-8 images from a wide range of raster formats
PNG-8 is an image format developed to replace PNG-8a.png. It enables you to edit PNG-8 images in the same way as PNG-8a.
PNG-8 is an image format developed to replace PNG-8a.png. It enables you to edit PNG-8 images in the same way as PNG-8a.png. It does not support editing of transparency, an alpha channel, or indexed color.
The difference between PNG-8 and PNG-8a.png can be viewed at 384a16bd22

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Keyboard macro utility allows you to assign various functions to any key on the keyboard. You can create a macro that performs up to 8 functions. From this list, you can assign the following commands:
* Choose any folder or drive as a target folder
* Start or stop any task or program with any custom command line
* Create a shortcut to the folder or program
* Open a web browser to a specific website
* Open a file with any text editor
* Open the default calculator
* Open a file in a different app
* Open the phone book
* Open a terminal
* Open a document in a different app
* Open the recent documents list
* Open any app, open any app in a new window, open any app in the same window, run a program or open the Run dialog
* Create a shortcut
* Make a phone call
* Repeat any previous command up to 8 times
* Choose any character
* Clear the keyboard
* Copy the contents of the clipboard
* Send a command to Windows Explorer
* Launch a program
* Do a Google search
* Open a link to any website
* Launch a specific command in the Terminal
* Launch a text editor
* Launch another program
* Set focus to any control
* Switch to another application
* Clear the screen
* Choose a command
* Choose any character
* Clear any text input control
* Select the next field in a form
* Select the previous field in a form
* Focus on the first field in a form
* Focus on the last field in a form
* Create a new line
* Create a new paragraph
* Create a list
* Create a table
* Insert a paragraph
* Delete a paragraph
* Delete a line
* Delete a field
* Delete a row
* Clear any form field
* Choose a function from the list of functions
* Confirm the action
* Re-confirm the action
* Cancel the action
* Cancel the active macro
* Close the current window
* Copy the URL of the current page
* Print the URL of the current page
* Save the current URL
* Paste the URL of the current page
* Switch to Windows Explorer
* Start a process
* Open a window in the browser
* Open the Run dialog
* Save a URL
* Open an RSS feed
* Reload a page
* Open a file
* Open a URL
* Find a URL
* Open any


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