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KeyMacro lets you to easily automate keystrokes or mouse actions in your applications. Use KeyMacro to quickly, easily, and safely automate any keystroke or mouse actions.
KeyMacro provides you with a number of pre-defined “macros” of keystrokes or mouse actions. These macros can be easily created, assigned to your keystrokes or mouse actions, and saved.
KeyMacro even includes a few pre-defined programs that you can use as macros. You can click these programs and automatically enter the data into the KeyMacro edit box. There you can assign your macros to your desired keystrokes or mouse actions.
KeyMacro also has built-in support for customizable hotkeys and mouse actions. With these features, KeyMacro becomes the perfect tool for the professional who requires precise keyboard commands and mouse actions.
Here is the list of features included in KeyMacro:
Customizable hotkeys for mouse actions
On-screen macro creation
Hotkey and mouse button mapping
Mouse actions recording
Macro recording and playback
Powerfull File Management
Exporting data from Windows clipboard
Highlight text
Page to text
Table of contents
Built-in supported programs:
Window Maker
Terminal Pro
For Power Users
KeyMacro offers a comprehensive feature set to empower users who require the use of their computer to make their work easier.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool to help you automate simple mouse actions in any of the applications on your computer.
KeyMacro offers you the possibility to:
Macro Record and Playback
Customize Hotkeys
Print Out Data
Record the Windows Clipboard
Record from a Video Clip
Use the WinEdit Window Maker
Save Macro Templates
Print Data
Customize a Hotkey
Preview Keystrokes
KeyMacro is the tool that will empower you and let you take control of your computer. If you are tired of sending the same old keystrokes to your applications or having to retype the same text over and over again, KeyMacro is the tool that will change that for you.
Maintaining the functionality of your Windows-based computer might require you to perform certain clean-up operations every once in a while, such as disk checks or entire system installations.
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On my computer, I have one of the five newest versions of the ASP.NET Chart Controls installed.

Your Web browser doesn’t have a built in fully featured web graphics editor. The most efficient way to create and edit web graphics is through the WYSIWYG editor. (figure 1).
Yes, you have to know HTML. This topic shows you how. HTML is the language of the Web.

Discover the new ScriptManager, which enables you to use JavaScript on pages that use ASP.NET.
I decided to stick with Windows as my primary operating system.
In this example, we’ll be building a dynamic HTML web page that will use the latest version of Microsoft’s.NET Framework to display and compute statistics on a large table of data.

There are three new collection controls in.NET 3.5. These controls add support for collections such as dictionaries and data grids. They include the ListView control, the DataGridView control, and the TreeView control.
.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET are combined in the.NET 3.5 Framework. This new version of ASP.NET is backwards compatible with.NET 2.0. It includes enhancements and new features, including a visual designer for ASP.NET pages. The new version of ASP.NET is also compatible with Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio.NET 2008. You can use Visual Studio.NET 2003 or Visual Studio.NET 2008 to build.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.5 applications.
.NET 3.5 includes support for Visual Basic.NET 2005, Visual Basic.NET 2003, Visual Basic.NET 2002, and Visual Basic.NET 6.0. ASP.NET 3.5 is also part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

By using the new edition of ASP.NET, you can use a standard HTML form to create dynamic web pages.
The Main Application Page is the top of the page that appears when the application is first started. In the Main Application Page, you can display information about the application and its availability.With our innovative thinking you can help the ocean by lending a hand in planting some cool seeds. The Ocean Forest initiative is based on the idea that the ocean is a source of life and not only sustains the planet, but it also supports life on it by providing us with the oxygen that makes life possible. We want to help this initiative to grow through the help of our users


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