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This is the question that elected Roone Arledge, a seminal figure of the TV news business, 60 years ago. When he joined ABC in 1961 he tried to provide sports broadcasts with the same athletic depth and access as ABC News and the rest of the network. The print media pounced on his “cheap” half-hour program for a day, because it was basically a tape-delayed NFL game. The networks were incredulous.

Arledge came from a family of journalists. He was a 1932 graduate of the University of Illinois, and a longtime sportswriter and assistant to college basketball coaches. He had been with the Chicago Tribune since 1946. So he knew how the game could be televised. His first thought was about cost.

For a weekly program, say, a hockey game from the NHL, the costs were enormous. His team would tape it, store it, edit it, deliver it by phone to affiliates, edit it again, then deliver it to Chicago and New York at roughly $6,500 a game. At that time, he believed, what was new was the technology — to record and broadcast moving images, to go from news to sports, from the NFL to boxing.

Arledge had seen this happen with “sports” football. He had written the play-by-play description, and now he was the one to make it appear live. That was the breakthrough that made television become the de facto national broadcast network of sports. And, now it was time to do boxing. Arledge left ABC in 1964. He went to NBC Sports, then, in 1970, he took over the lead role in SportsCenter.

Those calling Arledge backward were wrong, but they weren’t wrong about what they were talking about. They were reacting to what they saw: live events, news and analysis, in a broadcast that felt they could never match. It was easier to think there was nothing new at all when the words Arledge used were “penny dreadful” and “stage show.”

For many years, Arledge defended the practice. “In those days, if a phone company was providing telephone service to the Olympics, you didn’t worry about it, because nobody could call you,” he said. You couldn’t, really, because the Tokyo Games were far away.

But he did worry. And when ESPN was founded in 1979 he got out from under the


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