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USB CD DVD Locker Crack Free License Key Free (Updated 2022)

Sometimes, for security reasons you need to protect your computer and documents from unauthorized access. Using applications that block your system or restrict the access to specific folders and files might come in handy when you need to protect your privacy.
Still, when it comes to using external drives such as USB flash drives, CDs or DVDs, you can’t be sure that all the data stored in these drives and disks is viewed only by you.
If you want to restrict the access to specific documents, then an application that secures CDs and USB drives is needed and here is where USB/CD/DVD Locker comes in handy. It prevents other people to access your valuable data and protects your privacy.
When you launch the utility for the first time, you are required to specify a password, which is ‘Locker’, by default. However, you can change the passcode so no unauthorized user can get access to important information.
This way, having a USB flash drive connected to your computer, you can quickly lock it by setting a personalized password. Therefore, there is no need to encrypt data each time you want to save it to your USB. Simply copy all the information you need on the password-protected USB and use it everywhere.
Because of the applied password you can rest assured that each time a person wants to access your USB drive, all your data is secured against unauthorized attempts.
Although it does not come with advanced features and with a modern interface, USB/CD/DVD Locker manages to block the access to various disks and external drives. This way, you can protect important documents without being afraid that these files can get into the wrong hands.







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