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As hackers are becoming even more adept at stealing private information, keeping your sensitive data safe becomes critical for business and average users alike. Encryption tools come with the advantage that the content can be accessed only after using a certain key and usually deters unscrupulous individuals from attempting to steal data.
Exocet is a lightweight encryption utility that provides you with a unique and perhaps, safer way to keep your data safe.
You need to configure the USB and folder pair
Following a swift and uneventful installation, you are welcomed by a CLI interface that is quite intuitive and clear. Nevertheless, due to the lack of a standard GUI, it may not present a high appeal for users with less technical skills.
Making the encryption entails that you need to create a pairing between a folder and a USB stick, an action you can complete via the -c command. On a side note, the developer recommends that you employ standard USB flash memory sticks and avoid hard drives or CD-ROMs. At the same time, keep the flash stick plugged at all times until the app indicates you remove it.
Providing that you added the correct file path for the USB and desired folder, the tool proceeds to create an encrypted Config and Keyfile on the stick. You should bear in mind that the folder is going to be hidden and can only become visible and used normally once you insert the USB stick.
The generated key adheres to AES industry standards
Given the role of the utility, it goes without saying that the key generated is encoded via the AES algorithm. Not only that, but according to the developer the tool is designed to go over the key several times and encrypted several times.
Regardless of whether you want to safe-keep email addresses, customer transactions and passwords, conversations with your clients or other types of crucial information which you really cannot afford to expose to anyone, then perhaps Exocet could come in handy.









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Exocet License:

I created a new instance of the CLI. If you want to use the version from this repository you can import it with:
$ pip install exocet[0-1]
You should have an option to choose the version you would like to use, and if not, you can use [0-1] as the first part of the command.
The -l and -h options are for listing the options available. Use these to help figure out the parameters to use.
For example: exocet -l
For the -c, –config-file, -i, –input-file, –key-file, -o, –output-file, –password-file, -p, –timeout, –username, and –version options, you can provide a path to a config file, input file, key file, output file, password file, timeout, username, or version.
For the -v, –verbose, -h, –help, –version, -c, –config-file, -i, –input-file, –key-file, -o, –output-file, –password-file, -p, –timeout, –username, –version, and –help options, you can also provide a verbosity level.
You can omit an option when you run the program. For example, if you don’t want to provide a config file, you can run the program with:
$ exocet -c
You can also run the program in interactive mode. For example, if you want to interactively set the configuration, use the -c and -i options:
$ exocet -c -i
There are no options available.
To find the options, try:
$ exocet -h
This command will show the help page. You can also use the -h option with the exocet program to get the help page.
If you want to see what option value you can pass to an option, use the -h option, for example:
$ exocet -h
exocet [-h|-c|-i] [-l] [-p PASSWORD_FILE] [-t TIMEOUT] [-

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Exocet Keygen Full Version

Encrypts data on USB devices and folders with AES-256 on-the-fly with a master key (KM)
Stores encrypted information in the master key (KM)
Detailed information about an object is displayed in a readable format
Supports whole folder trees
Files that are encrypted will be hidden on the USB sticks and folders. You can view the content of the encrypted file later.
Supports file types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PCD, JPG, PNG, PDF, PS, HTML, TXT, PICT, WMF
Supported file size: 0 – +900MB
Working with the GUI is easy as pie
Exocet is an open source tool and the GUI can be controlled through the default CLI interface or via the web browser. You can register a pair of folders, USB sticks or external drives, and then create files on them with the -f command. The files should be encoded via AES-256. You should try and avoid overwriting files in order to protect your data.
Additional features:
Working with the GUI of Exocet is very easy. You only need to generate the Config and the Keyfile files. You can then start the encryption process by the -a command.
The encryption is carried out on-the-fly and you do not need to enter any password, which is essential to the protection of your data. As mentioned earlier, the key is encoded several times before it is stored securely. Once you remove the stick, the encrypted data is removed as well.
Another very good thing about Exocet is the fact that the tool stores the information about your encrypted files as readable text in a file. This means that you will be able to look at what happened when you carried out the encryption.
The overall impression of the developer is that Exocet is a good tool to utilize if you want to protect your data. It would not be beneficial for those who simply want to conceal their data from a third party. If you want to make your data very secure, then you should definitely try Exocet, a free utility.Gangresco Njablwo

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What’s New In Exocet?

Add a CLI app that will make keeping sensitive data safe a breeze. Password protect files and folders, protect email attachments with AES, and even compress files on your Mac and upload them securely using a VPN connection.
Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later


Meld is a free, open source file comparison utility. It works on Mac OS X and Windows. If you click on the “Compare” menu, you will see a list of “matching/non-matching” pairs. The “Matched files” can be opened at a later time. I use it all the time to compare changes in files, and it always finds what I’m looking for.


As a follow-up to @Paul’s excellent answer, if you just want to look for all files in a folder which are the same as a reference file, you can use the following command:
meld ~/Path\To\Folder /Users/[username]/Reference.file

This will return only the files in your folder which are the same as the reference.

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System Requirements For Exocet:

At least 4GB of RAM required for the best graphics.
Minimum of DirectX 9.0c
Minimum of 1GB of VRAM
At least 771MB free HDD space available
Controller Support:
Native Controller Support
Android tablet support
Steam controller support
Xbox 360 gamepad support
XBox One gamepad support
Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Mac OS X 10.9 or later


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