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Chapter 4 AVC – Vocabulary and Reading Focus ⛔

Chapter 4 AVC – Vocabulary and Reading Focus ⛔


Reading And Vocabulary Focus 3 D

dec 10, 2013
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She begins to take a breath. Her heart is suddenly starting to beat normally, and she can feel the flush of blood in her face. The old asthma attack is passing quickly.

“So,” the woman asks politely, “what are you planning to do today?”

“Oh, not much,” Celia replies.

Celia’s recent plans for the day have been a sketchy schedule, but that doesn’t prevent her from going to the bank or even shopping for the boy’s lunch. However, she hasn’t had much luck shopping.

After a couple of minutes, Celia makes her way to the birdhouse in the yard and climbs up on the roof, peering over the railing into the small, cramped house.

The boy is the only one there, sitting on a small, hand-built bench with his back against the wall and his knees bent, staring at the small glimmering window of the house across the street.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” Celia asks.

He doesn’t answer, but his shoulders slump.

“You can keep your eyes shut,” Celia tells him.

She reaches her fingers into the holes of the railing, and starts to slowly slide them into his jacket, one by one.

When her hand is under his jaw and her fingers are locked around his neck, the boy looks up at her, his skin glowing pink in the sunlight.

After a moment, he says, “The night’s so beautiful.”

His voice sounds thin and threadlike. Celia feels a shudder pass through her.

The woman across the way stares up at them for a few seconds. Celia keeps her eyes on the boy and his lips pressed tightly against his teeth. Then she slowly slides her fingers

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