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DN Sys Info is a very nice tool to monitor your CPU, memory (RAM and virtual)
For novice users, just use it as it is. For expert users, DN Sys Info is a great way to follow hundreds settings, processes, HDD, connections, Read/write times for HDD, networks, internet,� for local users or through a network.
A lot of customization options are available:
■ Refresh rate
■ Choice between gradient and linear progress bars
■ Progress bars colors choice easy through pre-defined colors
■ Advanced colors settings to fully customise bars
■ Background and fonts colors
■ Display %
■ Possibility to hide / unhide display depending on load values
■ 2 different display sizes
■ Smooth and normal sizing modes
■ Online check for updates
■ Lock display to certain position
■ Auto-run possible
■ Possibility to log the results
■ Internal mail option for comments/ questions







DN Sys Info Crack+ Serial Key [April-2022]

DN Sys Info is a native network monitor with an internal editor for configuring and customising DN Sys Info.
For more information about DN Sys Info, please read our documentation on the site:
What is new in this release:
Version 0.9:
Fix: Editor did not show file exit code if command exited with non-zero
Fix: Pressing the exit button did not close the application
Version 0.8:
New: The option ‘Pause on CPU usage above’ works now
Fix: Dialog for setting the path of the manual does not set the path to the user profile
Version 0.7:
New: New version
Fix: The new Windows Vista background problem
Fix: Bug for the editor application
Version 0.6:
New: The editor is now startet without the admin rights
Fix: The editor will open in the folder containing the DN Sys Info application
Fix: Added new line after ‘M’ indicator for the status line
Fix: New line after ‘W’ indicator for the status line
Fix: Corrected cursor position in ‘CPU usage’ line
Fix: Fixed edit list
Fix: Fixed error while selecting ’20’
Fix: Fixed error when setting font size
Version 0.5:
New: Now all the font settings are stored in the registry
New: Added hostname, IP address and OS to the list with known OS’
New: Added ‘Browse…’ option in the menu
New: Added ‘Sub Menu’ option
New: Added scrollbar support for list-items
New: Changed the size of the ‘Info icon’ to 32×32
New: The list can be cleared from the menu
New: Fixed the ‘Info icon’
New: Removed the list entry ‘IP address’
New: Added ‘Normal’ font size
New: Font now is bold when selection is focused
New: Added ‘Focus’ option
New: Added ability to change the ‘Status line’ font size
New: Added ‘Break’ option
New: Added ‘Resume’ option
New: Added ‘Freeze’ option
Fix: Fixed the ‘HID’ ID
Fix: Now the editor will open in the folder of the DN Sys Info application
Fix: Now the ‘Play’

DN Sys Info Crack + Free Download

DN Sys Info Crack For Windows for Mac version is an easy-to-use OS X application that not only displays system information, but also allows you to easily access key values in the system.
You can easily find any information in your system, for example:
CPU usage
Memory utilization
Network traffic
Hard disk usage

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DN Sys Info Crack+ Serial Key

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What’s New In DN Sys Info?

DN Sys Info displays informations of your system and hardware without having to install software. It does this by using the internal Windows API functions and also by monitoring your system.
If you have any question/ bug report, please post on the forums ( If you prefer to contact me directly, please read my support page:

Application Manager is a small, easy to use and powerful software that allows you to manage your installed applications. It is a time-saving application that is easy to use and that you can install as a free demo.

Flux Manager Pro is a small, easy to use and powerful application that allows you to view the status of all the programs running in your computer, to start/stop programs running on different tasks, to reset and customize system time and date, to view the current system sound configuration, to configure system startup, shutdown, log-off and sleep screen, to view system memory and HDD usage and to perform backup/restore operations.

The program allows you to select the desktop background, the sound volume, the theme, the system font and the colors.

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Win7Updater is an automatic tool to update your Windows 7 Ultimate or Home edition to the latest version.

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System Requirements:

The Power of a Team
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Daniel Vis – Project Leader
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I take care of the technical parts of the project. Our main goal is to make this game good for everyone who wants to play it!
You can join us in our Discord server, on our Steam page, or


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