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The complexity of AutoCAD has been steadily increasing since its release in 1982. The current AutoCAD 2018 design release is significantly more powerful than the last release (AutoCAD 2017).

In this article, you’ll learn the history of AutoCAD. We’ll also look at the features and benefits of the AutoCAD 2018 program.

Before AutoCAD was introduced, the market for CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software was small and dominated by small software developers. AutoCAD was the first CAD program available in a version that was released to the public. Not surprisingly, it was priced at $500. To this day, AutoCAD remains the only widely-used commercial CAD program for desktop computers.

The History of AutoCAD

The first CAD programs were developed in the 1970s. Early CAD programs were difficult to learn, were very expensive, and were optimized for the purpose of drafting building projects. Most of these early CAD programs were small and were often used by just one or two individuals.

In 1980, Lotus Development released CAD/CAM, a $10,000 desktop CAD software application that was targeted toward the construction industry. CAD/CAM was a DOS-based application and was required to be run on a DOS-compatible microcomputer (PC compatible). It used a mouse rather than a keyboard for input. In the 1980s, CAD/CAM began to show up on personal computers with the introduction of a mouse.

In 1982, AutoCAD was released to the public. The AutoCAD program was built on the SmallTalk programming language. The AutoCAD program was released as a separate application, which ran on a DOS-compatible microcomputer (PC compatible). AutoCAD ran on the low-end of the spectrum of available CAD programs. The $500 price tag was considered high for the time.

Today, AutoCAD and other CAD programs are available for personal computers and mobile devices.

The AutoCAD 2018 application has seen dramatic improvements over the years. Today, AutoCAD is a very powerful desktop CAD program.

Why use a Commercial CAD Program?

CAD programs are generally designed to make it easier to create drawings for projects. For example, a structural engineer may create a building blueprint or a land surveyor may create a topographic map.

A CAD program is particularly helpful if the job requires a very detailed drawing or

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BizTalk Server

AutoCAD features a scripting language called AutoLISP which can be used to automate AutoCAD functions. BizTalk Server is a business application integration product that provides platform independent connectivity between disparate business applications. BizTalk Server also provides a Direct Connection facility which allows, through the use of a COM component, a developer to automate the process by which a given application may call into the AutoCAD drawing automation layer directly. The use of BizTalk Server in conjunction with AutoCAD provides a platform independent methodology for creating custom AutoCAD functionality. As the AutoCAD application is able to access the objects and features of other applications through COM, it is possible for the user to extend AutoCAD’s capabilities by creating interfaces to other applications. The AutoCAD application’s draw command is not bound to any particular application and can communicate with and control any application.

In some of its functionality BizTalk Server is based on COM. This is also the case for AutoCAD LISP, as a developer can create custom AutoCAD interfaces to control other applications, e.g. AutoCAD Add-Ons.

RAD Studio.NET Components

RAD Studio.NET provides a collection of managed.NET controls for AutoCAD that support InterOp, enabling an AutoCAD application to access a number of native Windows applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access. RAD Studio.NET also provides a special AutoCAD.NET control that enables an AutoCAD application to access files stored on local or networked drives in a format that AutoCAD understands, i.e. DXF and DWG. The AutoCAD.NET control is called an InterOp control.


External links

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DXF and DWG Import and Export

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2. Open Autocad and choose “View >> Options” from the menu bar.
Choose the “Generate Key” option.
Paste your e-mail address and select “OK” as shown below:

*3. Autocad will ask you to input a key for your license. To do that, you can copy the generated key on the clipboard.
*4. Go to Autocad and choose “File >> New >> Autocad Key”
Paste the key on the field provided.

*5. Finally, Autocad will allow you to input a key for your license. Press OK as shown below:


I have found a solution for Autocad on Windows 10. It seems that Autocad 2016 for Windows 10 is not able to generate a license.

You need to make a “copy license key” in the file C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD\2016\acad2016.rtf.
This copy license key is not the only one, the key itself is in many lines, but in the middle of the file you will find the line [Licenses], which has all the values, including the ‘Generate License’ key.
You can export all the values from this file to a text file. The file structure is as follows:
Key: 9EB80000-AAAE11FF-57C3-7CEF-C0E2F9C92B5E
DisplayName: Default
UserName: admin
DisplayVersion: 2016.1
CurrentVersion: 2016.1
Version: 2016.1
BuildNumber: 2485
BuildDLLVersion: 10.0.17455.1
ExpiryDate: 31-01-2024 23:59:59

Key: 9EB80000-AAAE11FF-57C3-7CEF-C0E2F9C92B5E
DisplayName: Edit and Analyze
UserName: user
DisplayVersion: 2016.1
CurrentVersion: 2016.1
Version: 2016.1
BuildNumber: 2485
BuildDLLVersion: 10.0.17455.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Support for SolidWorks and IFC Import:

Want to import design models from various CAD systems? Now you can! AutoCAD 2023 also supports importing from SolidWorks and IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).

Increased Pre- and Post-Print Curves:

Pre- and post-print curves now allow you to preview the degree of flexure in the profile of a slice or a line. (preprint curves are only available in Preview. Print curves are available in PrtView.)

Improved Options Menu and Narrow Windows:

Enhancements to the Options menu and the new Narrow Windows feature provide a faster and more flexible workflow.

New Design Modes:

Additional design modes improve productivity by enhancing existing tasks. For example, the Unitary Shaded Drawing Design Mode (shown in the image below) provides a quick way to view a fully shaded drawing.

Documenting Construction Drawings

A new Drawing Manager tab in the DesignCenter allows users to track changes and other document information related to a drawing.

Printer Mapping

Printer mapping provides better color and halftone coverage.

3D Printing

Improvements to the process for creating and using 3D model files.

Drafting and Design

Additional design modes improve productivity by enhancing existing tasks. For example, the New Shaded View Design Mode (shown in the image below) provides a quick way to view a fully shaded drawing, while the Unitary Shaded Drawing Design Mode (shown below) provides a way to view both the object data and the shaded drawing.

2D Drafting

Some of the new 2D drafting tools provide new editing features and ease the task of achieving common drafting tasks.

Lines & Angles

Many enhancements to lines and angles, such as Snap to: Edit and Copy/Paste.

3D Drafting

The new Create Tool to Shape lets you create and edit three-dimensional wireframe shapes.


Layouts are now automatically updated when you update the 3D object in a drawing, and you can combine or delete them.

Raster to Vector Conversion

You can now convert raster graphics, including images, into vector graphics, including shapes, linework, and shading.

Web Services

The Web Services panel (shown in

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 10/8/7/Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i5-3210M Processor @ 2.5GHz or better
64-bit Graphics card with 1 GB VRAM
7 GB available disk space
Windows 10/8/7/Vista (64-bit)
AMD Processor with Radeon™ HD 7870 or better
AMD Radeon


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