May 2022

Now with enhanced alt-tab support, a new icon-based contextual menu and better tagging. DESCRIPTION: The SmartTab is a small tool that provides a better alt-tab dialog by: · Providing an alt-tab menu with context-sensitive commands (ALT+TAB) · The ability to switch between fullscreen windows

-Full and Compact Report View -Automatic selection of files, directories and matches. -Find all files in the selected directory. -Select directory, use current directory. -Open directory (or current directory) if not selected. -Directory tree view. -Files list view. -Full file view. -Matches in context view. -Reverse matches list view. -List

KeyMacro is an image editor for Windows that enables users to batch-edit text-based documents in various formats. KeyMacro has support for multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian and Czech. KeyMacro supports the following formats: JPEG, BMP,